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Message from the University

Message from the University President

Practicing the school motto of "shaga-shojin", and striving to become an open-minded, compassionate and capable person.

Den-en Chofu University specializes in "social welfare" education and research to cultivate and foster talented young people who can work in welfare services that support all life stages, from "early childhood to late adulthood".
Our university strives to accomplish its goal of nurturing welfare professionals who can address the welfare needs of the future. Our university has its origins in Chofu Girl's School (established in 1926) and has throughout its history based its educational practices on the school motto of "shagashojin" (a Japanese phrase that means in today’s context putting aside one’s self to diligently help society). This phrase guides our basic principle of "nurturing human beings with caring and kind hearts who are open-minded, competent, and rich in humanity, and who also have the capability to think and actively contribute to the local and international communities".
Currently, Japan is facing the serious problem of a declining birthrate and aging population. Japan's population is aging at a rapid rate, exceeding that of the EU and the United States. One outcome is an increasing non-working elderly population. At the same time, Japan is battling a declining birthrate. If the total fertility rate does not increase and no progress is made toward accepting more foreign workers, it is predicted that Japan's present population of 127 million people could decrease by 65% over the coming 100 years. These demographic changes point to the need to nurture professionals in the social welfare and child care fields who can support people affected by significant social transition. At Den-en Chofu University, we are endeavoring to become a leading and trusted educational institution in these academic areas.
Although we are a modest university in enrollment numbers, we are proud of our comfortable and friendly small-class educational environment, in which instructors are able to interact with all students and guide them with individual care and consideration.

Message from the University
Vice President

It is my desire that every student at Den-en Chofu University learns about and understands themselves as they acquire the skills to become a vital member of society who can actively fulfill our school motto of "shaga-shojin".

Mitsunobu Imai, Vice President and Professor at Den-en Chofu University Mitsunobu Imai, Vice President and Professor at Den-en Chofu University

Hello, everyone. My name is Mitsunobu Imai, and I am one of the acting vice presidents at Denen Chofu University.Our university was established as Den-en Chofu University in 2002, and we are currently offering courses through the Human Welfare Department and the Children's Future Department.
Our campus is situated at an elevated location with a relatively large amount of nature. On clear days it is possible to see Mount Fuji as well as the Oyama and Tanzawa mountains. We are truly blessed with a rich natural environment.
We are still a comparatively new 4-year university, but we have a long standing history with our predecessor junior college being established in 1967 and our "mother" school being established in 1926.
Therefore, our school has a history of nearly 90 years, during which we have continuously provided education to meet the needs of the times based on the active practice of our school motto of "shaga-shojin".
Kenji Miyazawa penned the famous lyrics of "not losing to the rain, not losing to the wind, not losing to the snow nor to summer's heat, with a strong body, unfettered by desire, never losing one's temper, and cultivating a quiet joy..." It is with this spirit that one disciplines oneself and cultivates compassion and the willingness to work hard to help others. This spirit can also truly be seen in our school motto of "shaga-shojin".
It is my deep desire that every student at our school utilizes their studies to learn about and understand themselves so that they can acquire the skills to make large contributions to society and actively fulfill our school motto of "shaga-shojin".

Message from the University
Vice President

Nurturing highly specialized professionals with a rich cultured education
- A university for acquiring the "wings of knowledge" -

Kumiko Ikuta, Vice President and Professor at Den-en Chofu University Kumiko Ikuta, Vice President and Professor at Den-en Chofu University

There are many voices in society today pointing out the problems in the educational system. Some wonder how this generation can continue to survive, while others search for ways to live a better life.
Den-en Chofu University is aiming to nurture highly specialized professionals with a rich cultured education so that they can sufficiently contribute to their fields of expertise and help create a society where people can live better lives. A high degree of specialization refers to "having the confidence and ability to fulfill one's duties", while a rich cultured education refers to "cultivating one's abilities for the good of others". The combination of these two elements provides a person with a starting point to transform themselves into a person who is invaluable in meeting the needs of other people.
It is my desire that all Den-en Chofu University students experience a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that this transformation will bring to their lives as they steadily progress toward achieving their dreams and goals. I realize that this desire might not be enough to quiet the voices of those who are worried about our present society and the future of our young people. However, there are also many people who have high expectations of the next generation.
The future belongs to the young generation, and it is the job of universities to cultivate young people and furnish them with the "wings of knowledge" to live a confident and capable future.
Therefore, our university is dedicated to being an institution of continual innovation and reform so as to facilitate new types of learning opportunities for our students in order to provide them with new knowledge, new capabilities, and the chance to transform themselves. We offer our students the opportunity to learn new and creative fields, while they simultaneously study welfare and child care as the two fields that are supporting society's future. It is our goal to create a society in which each member can individually make use of their superior expertise in the service of all other people.